About the Artist

Jeanette Thompson is an internationally shown and published artist who jumped feet-first into the world of digital art and design in early 2001 and has never looked back. Since delving into the world of digital art, Ms. Thompson has been published in four internationally sold and recognized books on digital art. She has shown her works at such prestigious art shows as World Horror Con and Dragon Con, as well as several smaller shows throughout the Northeast and Midwest regions.

Though not formally trained in the arts, Ms. Thompson has a keen eye for design and composition. She is constantly striving to perfect her craft, spending countless hours on the computer creating and designing new works of art.

Born in West Texas in 1968, Ms. Thompson began reading at an early age (her mother thanks Sesame Street). She wrote and illustrated her first short story in kindergarten. Her family recognized and encouraged her creativity and helped to foster her love for fantasy.

Ms. Thompson currently resides in Maryland with her husband, her daughter, and an army of cats.

Publishing credits

Digital Beauties by Taschen Publishing
Femme Digitale by The Ilex Press
Virtual Beauties by Beijing Zito Books
Aphrodisia by Aristata Publications
Smut and Hotel Rooms by Jeanette Thompson

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You may post my work elsewhere so long as you give me credit by linking back to my blog or this webpage. You may NOT use my work for any commercial uses at all or alter my work in any way without express written permission.